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Shan – Same crap different day.

Posted by shangie on September 4, 2007

Will is growing into a fine young man.  I am proud of him.  Good looking, too….  Glad you are better and the stone passed.  I can’t believe your great white hope (emory doc) is an inbecile.  What a turd bucket.  Is there anyone else?

Did I tell you my Dad has prostrate cancer?  He goes to a doc in Birmingham next week. I think he has decided to have his prostrate removed.  But, He is anxious for a second opinion. 

Olivia’s FINALLY got her back brace Friday.  The inlaws from Decature came for the weekend.  as much as I enjoyed them coming, it was a terrible weekend to visit, as Olivia and I were trying to learn how to put on the brace.  She didn’t sleep at all fri, or Sat night.  Fianlly, Sun night, she wore the brace for 3 hours.  I look it off her and she slept until 11:30 Monday.  But, last night she did better. She wore it for 7 hours.  She is suppose to wear it for 8-12 hours.  She is not yet wearing it VERY tight (Think Scarlett O’Hara’s corset).  We are suppose to get her use to the duration (8-12) hrs, then start tightening it up.  God forbid.  I am going to look for an online support group, because it is cruel as hell.  It is all I can do not to cry.

I ordered one design of my tshirts.  They are suppose to arrive next week.  I want to order another design, but hubby is not very supportive of us using his money for my business.  Butthole.

Other than that, nothing is going on.  Same crap, different day.



P.S.  Where did you go to the beach at????????


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