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Good Morning!

Posted by shangie on September 10, 2007

Very cool here this morning.  Bryan and I dropped Will off at school and went for a ride in the country looking at all the different properties.  Very woody and nice.  We took Riley and he attempted to fall out onto the pavement.  He was hanging out the window so far that he just toppled out.  Bryan caught him by his back legs and got the car stopped.  It’s a wonder it didn’t break his little legs. 

I spent the weekend pricing all of my sales stuff to take to the flea market.  I’m in a quandry.  Some of these items are $50 and $60 a piece and I know I won’t get anywhere around that here.  I’m trying my best not to be greedy but I need the money.  My uncle (who I love to death) is very ill, one of my dearest friends from back home has the most wonderful mother.  She has cancer and it’s pretty bad.  And then with this trip that we just recently took, my father confided in me.  He is not well.  It is heart and he needs to have open heart (once again).  He did not fair well the first go around.  The second time was not as advanced a surgery so he healed much quicker.  But this one is going to be a much more serious one.  He says he is not feeling well at all.  I’ve never, ever heard my father say he didn’t feel well.  He was preparing me.  So now you see why I want to go ahead and get this stuff sold.  I know I’m going to be needing travelling cash.  I don’t even attempt EBAY anymore.  It’s ruined.  The spammers have hit it and I’ve lost money on my business dealings there due to the spammers and crooks from overseas.

How is your father and his prostate?  That has to be a really tough decision.  Will he have chemo or radiation?  I can’t remember if you said in your post. 

It must be emotionally exhausting with the brace for Olivia.  It will be great when she finishes and you can get it off of her.  It might be interesting to see if she notices any changes in her body and the way if moves.  You know sometimes you don’t know something isn’t working properly if you’ve only known it one way.  Tell we are thinking of her and love her.  Willie prays for her.

My family and I went to Santa Rosa Island.  Bryan had a kidney stone attack (he’s such a copy cat) so stayed in the hotel one whole day and gimped around the rest.  Everyone felt terrible for him…he was such a good sport about it.  My dad and Will went para-sailing.  We ate tons of seafood, swam around, shopped and then BOOM!  It was time to come home.  We packed in a ton of stuff in a little time.  It was very enjoyable and I am extremely thankful that the Lord saw fit to bless us with it all.  We weren’t sure if we would be able to do it or not but it worked out. 

Well, I better get to pricing.  Tuesday I go to school to work this week and Wednesday morning I have to be at the flea market at  3:00 am to set up.  It goes to noon…they only have it once a week and I hear the folks go crazy at it.  Then I will go back to the school and finish working for the week.  Will has a football game Tuesday evening.  He plays the school he attended last year.  He says he wants to hammer them.  They had an intermural game last week.  He played very well.  I was proud. 

Will give you a call this week.  Hope all is well.




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  1. shangie said

    How was the flea market? My inlaw’s poodle jumped out of a moving car. Paul saw him rolling down the road in the rear view mirror and thought “that looks like my dog…..” He pulled over and it was. Dog wasn’t hurt, but never jumped again.

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