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Keep your chin up – posted by Shannon

Posted by shangie on September 18, 2007

Girlfriend, you got to get out of the funk.  You and Bryan are both well and currently kidney stone free.  Enjoy now.  Don’t dwell on the past.  And, don’t let that freaky dream  get to you. Dreams are your bodies way of working out issues.  Obvously, you are dealing with some harsh stuff, but you can get through this.  Kidney stones will not control your life forever. 

 How is Bryan?  I spoke with him briefly this morning.  He sounded good.  Now he has a whole new understanding of what you go through with your stones.  I hope he gets better soon.  But, you guys are going to make it. 

 We are well.  PJ was paddled at school yesterday.  He deserved it and I think this little issue will keep him out of trouble for the rest of the year.  Olivia is having some school work issues.  Her brace is affecting her sleep, which is affecting her school work.  I called her Ortho today.  They said she needs to wear it a full month before she will get used to it.  I hope it passes quickly.  Olivia has never had school work issues.

 Rick has a big mediation on Thrusday.  Maybe, finally, this case will be worked out.  It has been dragging out for 5 years.

 My business is going well – 9 tshirts sold my first week.  Not bad, eh?  Me and Mom ordered some larger sizes.  They will arrive soon.

Do you guys ever watch Surviorman on Discovery?  It is my favorite show.  Check it out if you have never seen it.

How was your flea market experience? I thought of you all day on Wednesday. 

It is 9pm and I am exhausted.  I think I am turning in.  Talk with you soon,



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