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Oh Lord! I don’t know which is more frightening…

Posted by shangie on October 3, 2007

the resemblance between that psychedelic man and my hubby or a picture of you and I naked in a bathtub together.  I guess I’ll go with the former.  I can get therapy for the latter.  Just kidding…You know, when we had that picture made I thought it was precious.  Now it is still near and dear to me ole’ heart and all, but do you get the feeling there is something a touch lesbian-ish going on there when you see it with fresh eyes??  In another way, you look like Maude the Saloon keeper and I’m one of your girls.  Either way it’s a hoot and I still plan to put it up in my 1/2 bath once we get the log home built.  I want to get a real rustic looking washstand and things.  It’ll blend well. 

 As far as the crazy man in the picture…they have similar cheekbones, dark eyes…other than that it is hard to see beyond all the paraphernalia, if you get my drift.  He may have felt like that though when he had his stent. 

The Dr. the other day was okay.  They had great difficulty with the I.V. and had some complications with it.  Before it was all over with there were six people in the room trying to get the I.V. set.  I’ve got bandages all up and down my arms and hands.  It should have been a 15 minute procedure but ended up an hour and 1/2.  There were very frustrated and I felt like I was in a time warp to 2003 all over again.  I started to cry for some reason and I heard a nurse get aggravated because her new shoes were ruined.  I quickly understood it was because my blood was all over them.  There was so much of it they had to mop the floor.  A lot of flashback because they couldn’t hit any of the veins.  Afterwards, I headed to the Dr.’s office.  After all that trouble, he couldn’t see the ureter well because of the colon/bowel.  He could see the dye in the bladder so that was good.  Stone in left and right kidney each and down in the the juncture of the bladder.  First time in my right kidney. 

You should see this diet I’m on now.  It’s unbelievable.  Google Low Oxalate Diet.  I can’t have any salt and don’t overdo calcium.  In the beginning they said absolutely no calcium and I said ‘Your crazy…I’ve had a hysterectomy…I’ll have osteoporosis in a year.’  So they said to just limit it.  Whereas before I could go to the grocery and take 30-40 minutes to get a week and 1/2 worth of food.  Now I have to read every label.  The lowest sodium possible, no extra calcium etc. etc.  Red meat only once a week.  And a whole slew of vegetables and fruits I can’t have.  No strawberries, blueberries, wheat flour, olives and on and on.  Things I love.  I searched and searched and finally found a cookbook.  We are religiously using it.  I’ve lost weight.  We drink water and fresh lemonade only.  If I have milk it’s skim.  I can’t have any soy-anything.  It’s radical. 

It’s cloudy now.  Say…what did your dad decide on his prostate.  He is on our prayer chain back home. 

I am trying to find a church around here to no avail.  Small town living.  We have a new shop in town that it so cute.  Children’s clothes and ladies handbags.  They are all handmade and she has the most beautiful fabrics.  She said business is wonderful.  I’m envious.  I want to open a gift shop so badly.  I just don’t have the money for it.  It would do well.  I’ve polled a bunch of people and they were so excited about it.  I just don’t have the pesos.  Oh well.  Maybe some day.

Better go make supper now.  So good to talk with you today. 

Miss you.  Your in my prayers every night.



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