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Good Morning!

Posted by shangie on October 10, 2007

It is a beautiful morning here.  Very cool, foggy.  We had a touch of rain last night…not much though.  I think that cold front is trying to work its way through.

 Guess what Will found?  We have this really big tree outside the front door.  At the base of the tree and upwards were 5 snake skins.  Recently vacated.  They were about a foot long so I assume still babies.  All were seperate and have a perfect indentation of their noses, eyes, head shape.  Cool but gave me the willies a bit.  The other night Bryan found one (I assume it was momma) shimming up the tree.  It was HUGE.  About 5-6 feet long.  Ugh.  He said it was a harmless one…keeps the mice and rats down.  I said is there such a thing as a harmless snake.  And all the while, Belle sleeps out there on her little cot. 

We are having the White Plains Fair here locally this weekend.  It is a big event for the locals and huge fundraiser for Will’s school.  I’ve been helping with it and will be working the booths and store this weekend.  I donated a bunch of my samples to the store to sell.  Pretty cool stuff…hopefully they will make some $$.  Did I tell you that the Flea Market was pathetic?  I barely made anything.  Bryan and I set up at 4:00 in the morning and took down at 11:00 am.  That is their hours.  I was dissappointed.  The people that attend are looking for junk and my stuff is brand new, popular things.  It just didn’t “fit”.  Oh well. 

Well, better finish laundry and get to the school.  Working for the office and teachers today.



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Oh Lord! I don’t know which is more frightening…

Posted by shangie on October 3, 2007

the resemblance between that psychedelic man and my hubby or a picture of you and I naked in a bathtub together.  I guess I’ll go with the former.  I can get therapy for the latter.  Just kidding…You know, when we had that picture made I thought it was precious.  Now it is still near and dear to me ole’ heart and all, but do you get the feeling there is something a touch lesbian-ish going on there when you see it with fresh eyes??  In another way, you look like Maude the Saloon keeper and I’m one of your girls.  Either way it’s a hoot and I still plan to put it up in my 1/2 bath once we get the log home built.  I want to get a real rustic looking washstand and things.  It’ll blend well. 

 As far as the crazy man in the picture…they have similar cheekbones, dark eyes…other than that it is hard to see beyond all the paraphernalia, if you get my drift.  He may have felt like that though when he had his stent. 

The Dr. the other day was okay.  They had great difficulty with the I.V. and had some complications with it.  Before it was all over with there were six people in the room trying to get the I.V. set.  I’ve got bandages all up and down my arms and hands.  It should have been a 15 minute procedure but ended up an hour and 1/2.  There were very frustrated and I felt like I was in a time warp to 2003 all over again.  I started to cry for some reason and I heard a nurse get aggravated because her new shoes were ruined.  I quickly understood it was because my blood was all over them.  There was so much of it they had to mop the floor.  A lot of flashback because they couldn’t hit any of the veins.  Afterwards, I headed to the Dr.’s office.  After all that trouble, he couldn’t see the ureter well because of the colon/bowel.  He could see the dye in the bladder so that was good.  Stone in left and right kidney each and down in the the juncture of the bladder.  First time in my right kidney. 

You should see this diet I’m on now.  It’s unbelievable.  Google Low Oxalate Diet.  I can’t have any salt and don’t overdo calcium.  In the beginning they said absolutely no calcium and I said ‘Your crazy…I’ve had a hysterectomy…I’ll have osteoporosis in a year.’  So they said to just limit it.  Whereas before I could go to the grocery and take 30-40 minutes to get a week and 1/2 worth of food.  Now I have to read every label.  The lowest sodium possible, no extra calcium etc. etc.  Red meat only once a week.  And a whole slew of vegetables and fruits I can’t have.  No strawberries, blueberries, wheat flour, olives and on and on.  Things I love.  I searched and searched and finally found a cookbook.  We are religiously using it.  I’ve lost weight.  We drink water and fresh lemonade only.  If I have milk it’s skim.  I can’t have any soy-anything.  It’s radical. 

It’s cloudy now.  Say…what did your dad decide on his prostate.  He is on our prayer chain back home. 

I am trying to find a church around here to no avail.  Small town living.  We have a new shop in town that it so cute.  Children’s clothes and ladies handbags.  They are all handmade and she has the most beautiful fabrics.  She said business is wonderful.  I’m envious.  I want to open a gift shop so badly.  I just don’t have the money for it.  It would do well.  I’ve polled a bunch of people and they were so excited about it.  I just don’t have the pesos.  Oh well.  Maybe some day.

Better go make supper now.  So good to talk with you today. 

Miss you.  Your in my prayers every night.


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A Blast from your past

Posted by shangie on October 1, 2007

Shangie in Chattanooga

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Keep your chin up – posted by Shannon

Posted by shangie on September 18, 2007

Girlfriend, you got to get out of the funk.  You and Bryan are both well and currently kidney stone free.  Enjoy now.  Don’t dwell on the past.  And, don’t let that freaky dream  get to you. Dreams are your bodies way of working out issues.  Obvously, you are dealing with some harsh stuff, but you can get through this.  Kidney stones will not control your life forever. 

 How is Bryan?  I spoke with him briefly this morning.  He sounded good.  Now he has a whole new understanding of what you go through with your stones.  I hope he gets better soon.  But, you guys are going to make it. 

 We are well.  PJ was paddled at school yesterday.  He deserved it and I think this little issue will keep him out of trouble for the rest of the year.  Olivia is having some school work issues.  Her brace is affecting her sleep, which is affecting her school work.  I called her Ortho today.  They said she needs to wear it a full month before she will get used to it.  I hope it passes quickly.  Olivia has never had school work issues.

 Rick has a big mediation on Thrusday.  Maybe, finally, this case will be worked out.  It has been dragging out for 5 years.

 My business is going well – 9 tshirts sold my first week.  Not bad, eh?  Me and Mom ordered some larger sizes.  They will arrive soon.

Do you guys ever watch Surviorman on Discovery?  It is my favorite show.  Check it out if you have never seen it.

How was your flea market experience? I thought of you all day on Wednesday. 

It is 9pm and I am exhausted.  I think I am turning in.  Talk with you soon,


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Is Bryan leading a secret life I don’t know about?

Posted by shangie on September 18, 2007

Bryan’s secret life…Is it just me, or does this look like Bryan?

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I’m tired…it’s been a long day…

Posted by shangie on September 14, 2007

Today was a long day for us.  Spent yesterday at the Dr.’s office.  He was in a lot of pain.  He had to have surgery this morning.  Having great difficulty with his stone.  Was larger than expected and unpassable without intervention.  Planned on lithotripsy but was unsuccessful.  Ended up having to go in manually and laser it down.  It was difficult and stubborn but relented finally!  He had to have a stent put in and is suffering the repurcussions of it.  It will be removed next Thursday.  I think as the drugs wear off, he will become very uncomfortable.  We are going through a lot of emotions right now.  Old and new.  I had the most horrible dream last night.  This man, person, thing, monster…whatever you want to call it was tracking me.  It was relentless and I knew in my heart that I was doomed.  There was nowhere to hide and I remember trying to find refuge in this abandoned building/house.  It was dark and raining outside with a small light from an electric pole cascading light through the windows.  It was quiet but for the rain and I was trying to hide.  In my mind, I kept thinking who will save me, no one knows he and I are here…that he is tracking me.  I was very much alone.  And I ended up in this basement with these small rectangular windows at the top of the walls.  Light was seeping through the screens and I desperately tried to crawl my way out but quietly.  That is where I knew I died.  Later, my body or soul floated above as I watched the police find my body.  And then just as suddenly, the scene switches to this woman in a truck.  She was nice I could tell.  She was dropping off a friend and once again I realize my soul is floating and I feel a sense of heavy dread.  It was one of those extra cab type trucks that she was driving.  Visually, I was focusing on her face but then it panned to the back of the cab and there was this really large black back.  The kind that coaches use to carry those large loads of sports equipement…soccer balls, footballs, etc.  And I knew all of a sudden he was in there…waiting for the opportunity…and then I saw the bag moving as he quietly snuck out and my mind panned back to her.  She was totally unaware.  The dream went on and on.  Visually, I could relate minute details.  Tree colors, how many cars she drove past.  It was a double lane road.  It was bizarre and terribly frightening.  It was a massively tremendous relief to hear the alarm go off this morning.  I really tried to sit and think what it all meant.  I kinda wonder if the man/monster represented stones.  Because in my mind that’s what it is like.  And the woman in the truck was really Bryan maybe?  Innocent and kind…unsuspecting.  I know my feelings of grief, worry, sadness were similiar when comparing her fate and his impending surgery.  I don’t know…it’s all too much to think about to hard really.  I’m really beyond exhaustion and rambling aimlessly.  It’s just after midnight and I’ve got dirty laundry up to my ears and am trying to do a few loads before I lay my head down.

 How is Olivia adjusting to the brace?  Has your father decided upon his prostate options?  My girlfriends mom is going through radical chemo this week.  I pray she is strong enough to get through it. 

It is finally raining here.  So badly needed.  I just want to go stand in it and take it in.  Obviously I am not going to though.

I’ll end here.  Goodnight.


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Good Morning!

Posted by shangie on September 10, 2007

Very cool here this morning.  Bryan and I dropped Will off at school and went for a ride in the country looking at all the different properties.  Very woody and nice.  We took Riley and he attempted to fall out onto the pavement.  He was hanging out the window so far that he just toppled out.  Bryan caught him by his back legs and got the car stopped.  It’s a wonder it didn’t break his little legs. 

I spent the weekend pricing all of my sales stuff to take to the flea market.  I’m in a quandry.  Some of these items are $50 and $60 a piece and I know I won’t get anywhere around that here.  I’m trying my best not to be greedy but I need the money.  My uncle (who I love to death) is very ill, one of my dearest friends from back home has the most wonderful mother.  She has cancer and it’s pretty bad.  And then with this trip that we just recently took, my father confided in me.  He is not well.  It is heart and he needs to have open heart (once again).  He did not fair well the first go around.  The second time was not as advanced a surgery so he healed much quicker.  But this one is going to be a much more serious one.  He says he is not feeling well at all.  I’ve never, ever heard my father say he didn’t feel well.  He was preparing me.  So now you see why I want to go ahead and get this stuff sold.  I know I’m going to be needing travelling cash.  I don’t even attempt EBAY anymore.  It’s ruined.  The spammers have hit it and I’ve lost money on my business dealings there due to the spammers and crooks from overseas.

How is your father and his prostate?  That has to be a really tough decision.  Will he have chemo or radiation?  I can’t remember if you said in your post. 

It must be emotionally exhausting with the brace for Olivia.  It will be great when she finishes and you can get it off of her.  It might be interesting to see if she notices any changes in her body and the way if moves.  You know sometimes you don’t know something isn’t working properly if you’ve only known it one way.  Tell we are thinking of her and love her.  Willie prays for her.

My family and I went to Santa Rosa Island.  Bryan had a kidney stone attack (he’s such a copy cat) so stayed in the hotel one whole day and gimped around the rest.  Everyone felt terrible for him…he was such a good sport about it.  My dad and Will went para-sailing.  We ate tons of seafood, swam around, shopped and then BOOM!  It was time to come home.  We packed in a ton of stuff in a little time.  It was very enjoyable and I am extremely thankful that the Lord saw fit to bless us with it all.  We weren’t sure if we would be able to do it or not but it worked out. 

Well, I better get to pricing.  Tuesday I go to school to work this week and Wednesday morning I have to be at the flea market at  3:00 am to set up.  It goes to noon…they only have it once a week and I hear the folks go crazy at it.  Then I will go back to the school and finish working for the week.  Will has a football game Tuesday evening.  He plays the school he attended last year.  He says he wants to hammer them.  They had an intermural game last week.  He played very well.  I was proud. 

Will give you a call this week.  Hope all is well.



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Posted by shangie on September 4, 2007

Did you hear about the two blondes who froze to death in a drive-in movie?

They went to see “Closed for the Winter.”

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Shan – Same crap different day.

Posted by shangie on September 4, 2007

Will is growing into a fine young man.  I am proud of him.  Good looking, too….  Glad you are better and the stone passed.  I can’t believe your great white hope (emory doc) is an inbecile.  What a turd bucket.  Is there anyone else?

Did I tell you my Dad has prostrate cancer?  He goes to a doc in Birmingham next week. I think he has decided to have his prostrate removed.  But, He is anxious for a second opinion. 

Olivia’s FINALLY got her back brace Friday.  The inlaws from Decature came for the weekend.  as much as I enjoyed them coming, it was a terrible weekend to visit, as Olivia and I were trying to learn how to put on the brace.  She didn’t sleep at all fri, or Sat night.  Fianlly, Sun night, she wore the brace for 3 hours.  I look it off her and she slept until 11:30 Monday.  But, last night she did better. She wore it for 7 hours.  She is suppose to wear it for 8-12 hours.  She is not yet wearing it VERY tight (Think Scarlett O’Hara’s corset).  We are suppose to get her use to the duration (8-12) hrs, then start tightening it up.  God forbid.  I am going to look for an online support group, because it is cruel as hell.  It is all I can do not to cry.

I ordered one design of my tshirts.  They are suppose to arrive next week.  I want to order another design, but hubby is not very supportive of us using his money for my business.  Butthole.

Other than that, nothing is going on.  Same crap, different day.



P.S.  Where did you go to the beach at????????

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Today is a new day!

Posted by shangie on September 4, 2007

Glad to start the new week on Tuesday!  Working at the school today.  Going to get the dogs from boarding at the vet.  Miss them terribly.  Had a wonderful visit with my folks.  Bryan says 4 days is the cut off time with mom for she and I.  Then there is a lot of yaa-yaa-ing going on.  The weather seems to be cooling off a few digits.  Glad of it.  We need rain DESPERATELY!

Miss you and hope all is well with Olivia (brace) and the family.


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